Plant extracts for animal health

for the well-start of young animals

EXTRA IM - For the early growth of young animals

Supplementation with Extra IM helps promote the well-start of young animals:

  • Promote the early growth (well-start) of young animals in order to
    • optimize the healthy growth of animals
    • and improve economic and technical livestock results 
  • Save time, work less, save money, decrease sickness, better resistance (immunity, good health), heal faster and zootechnical performances of animals.

A complementary feed for cattle and goats

which promotes the good start of young farm animals: dairy calves, veal calves, breeding heifers, cows, goats, breeding young goats, etc… 

Compliance to regulations

By decreasing consumption of antibiotics in animal production.

Use the richness of Nature

A mixture of Specific Natural Polyphenols, antioxidants from plants.

complementary feed for the well-start of young animals - cows eating
he well-start of young animals, healthy lamb
Testimonials from breeders

They use Extra IM

GAEC Bellouard
We use EXTRAIM for 5 years and we observe a good starting up on heifers with animals which are tonic. What is safe it is that the product is very appètent and mixes well in the milk. Since we use EXTRA IM, we clearly reduced the problems of diarrheas. Our main objective is to make a calving in 24 months and thus to have a good starting up of heifers, to limit diarrheas and especially to have a good growth with animals having good appetite. We reached these goals by obtaining beautiful heifers. Today we keep all the heifers and males leave in 10-15 days; it is calves who develop well and have a beautiful hair what appreciates the trader of calves. Furthermore, he notices that the calves are in good condition, tonic and start well in the breedings of calves of butcher's shop. With the product, heifers have good appetite and I obtain beautiful heifers only with some hay and some corn silage (very few granules).
GAEC de Trémaudan, at Plestan, Côtes-d'Armor
Dairy cows
We have 650 goats and produce approximately 1000 young female goat. For these young female we noticed that EXTRA IM is a good antistress, that he opens the appetite, that there is an increase of the ingested in particular the unrefined food and that he consolidates the health of the animal. For goats after birth we use EXTRA IM during the rise of milk and we noticed less stress after the birth, and that goats find very fast the appetite what allows a rise in production of faster milk and animals are better health.
Laurent Moreau, Indre-et-Loire
650 goats, 1000 kid goats
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, veaux en forme
We have 80 suckler cows, 240 animals in total. Our production is mainly intended for direct sale (beef and veal). We have been using EXTRAIM for our calves since 2014 and we are very satisfied with it. Indeed, calves digest milk much better and will suckle their mother more often. They have prettier hair, start eating hay and ruminate more quickly (15 days after birth). The problem until this winter was that EXTRAIM was presented in powder to be dissolved in milk, impractical in suckling livestock; now we find it in tablets which are given with a bolus launcher. We see better growth and we no longer have to worry about diarrhoea. In addition, our calves are much more docile.
Nicolas, GAEC Conty à Hotonnes, Ain
240 cows
bon démarrage des veaux, ferme du lycée agricole Reinach
In 2010, we decided to try EXTRA IM. The calving season went very well at the high school of La Motte Servolex. Furthermore, the born calves growth very well ! Nothing was distributed against diarrhea, there is no particular disease to be indicated and we use fewer care pharmaceutical products. Not knowing in what to attribute this success, the season 2011 was begun without EXTRA IM... After 25 calvings, an epidemic of cryptosporidiose struck the calves and the losses were important (11 deaths on 25). Quickly, we gave again EXTRA-IM in their food. Within 3 weeks, the improvement was clear with a fast decrease of the symptoms. After the beginning of the treatment very few calves fell ill, the only one died. Since then, we have to continue to work in confidence with EXTRA IM.
bon démarrage des génisses Prim'Holstein
We saw well the gap: since we use EXTRA IM, heifers pass in the in great shape to the DAL ! And it is the same thing for the male calves: they are really on form, that is healthy and without diarrhea, the proof : the trader takes them all in 15 days (while before it was between 2 in 3 weeks) with no problem at all and we can gain 10 % at a 15 % on the price in the sale... From 2 days of age, I give 2 doses of EXTRA IM a day and we can easily increase the milk because the calves have more appetite : by giving well 1 liter more, the calf takes advantage better. I always worked on the preventive, I do not wait for the problem to react. There is no miracle: we do not make any calving in 2 years with 'dogs'. The Nature is what it is: there were always youngs and big, the most mattering it is that the calf is well, that " he is on form, that is he is tonic, and it is that I see good with EXTRA IM !
GAEC des Prairies at Longechenal, Isère
8 Prim'Holstein, production of 11500 liters
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, chevreaux espiègles
We use EXTRA IM on our young female goats of breeding and on the kids of fattening and we noticed a better form of our animals in particular : A better starting up of animals,, Fewer diarrheas, rather little, Fewer concerns on animals, A better hair, Animals easier to cure : they are reshaped faster! Fewer used care products, Less seizure of the male kids in the slaughterhouse. The product distributed of the birth to the weaning is easy to mix in the powder of milk, and works well with the colostrum given by drenchage to 2gr/kid. We put back in place EXTRA IM on our young female goats and kids since 2016.
SCEA de Montplaisir, Deux-Sèvres
600 goats
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, Veaux au pré
I started distributing EXTRAIM in 2010. At that time we had big problems with cryptosporidiosis in the spring and autumn of the same year. I then tested EXTRAIM successfully. Since then, I use it systematically on my calves that I intend to breed (heifers and bulls) and throughout the milk phase. I have been using it for over 6 years and I can assure you that EXTRAIM is effective. Moreover, this is verified at the level of feces: we see that digestion is good
GAEC Armor Crest at Ruffiac, Morbihan
140 dairy cows
bon démarrage des génisses Prim'Holstein
We have been using EXTRAIM since October 2014 at the rate of one dose per day per calf from birth until weaning. We double the dose the first week on females and during stress or diarrhea... We noticed that our animals were in better shape and in particular: the heifers are livelier and consume more and on a regular basis even at the 8-10 day stage, the little diarrhea we have is easier to catch up than before, the calf merchant told us that our calves were 'more fed' and we have a gain of 10-20€, a gain in ADG: we carried out a comparison of growth control on 2 batches of around ten heifers and the gain is +10kg at 2.5 months
GAEC Breizhoise Holstein, Ille-et-Vilaine
Prim'Holstein dairy cows
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, Veaux au pré
In general, we have always had good calves and pretty calves at weaning: moreover, we sell half of our ready heifers because we wean all the heifers. Historically, there is no vaccine against diarrhea in calves. When you have diarrhea problems (around 8-10 days), you treat with meal packets or nutritional supplements, more rarely with injections. When a calf has the shits, it goes very quickly! Thus, during the many calvings in September and October, we have more problems. We have a global approach and we try to do substantive work. Since we have been using EXTRA IM safely, we have seen an improvement: in the event of diarrhea, it is much less bad, the treatment is shorter because the calf recovers more quickly and still has an appetite.
GAEC Minonières at Rignat, Ain
120 dairy cows
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, veaux en forme
Since I have been using Extraim, the calves have been in good shape and I have had a lot fewer problems with cryptosporidiosis and pulmonary problems, which has enabled us to save vet costs. I start the calves in individual pens for 15-20 days in a teat bucket and then in the DAL. The product is put in the additive compartment and passes very well. I wean the calves around 9 weeks.
GAEC de Bouvanterie, Mayenne
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, Veaux au pré
I have been using EXTRAIM for 3 years from birth to weaning, one pod every morning (for about 2 months). I did the comparative test and saw calves that are more toned, get less sick and recover faster. The product is appetizing and mixes well, I do the collective preparation for all male and female calves.
GAEC Grande Maison at Louvigné-du-Désert, Ille-et-Vilaine
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, Veaux au pré
For 3 years that we have been using Extra Im, the calves are livelier and fresher. The product certainly limits diarrhoea, and when you feel the calf weak, you double the dose and that avoids stinging them with antibiotics. With this year's rotavirus, that wasn't enough and they have to be vaccinated. We have coccidiosis at weaning around 3 months because of the stress of going to water, changing buildings and stopping Extraim, so we use Baycox. Thanks to Extraim, we have stopped many products (Colivet, Halocur, etc.), which saves money. Extraim's latest formula mixes better, especially for nipple buckets.
EARL de la Comté at Boran-sur-Oise, Oise
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, veaux en forme
In the 2 years that I have been using EXTRAIM, there has been much less diarrhea (almost no more), much more toned calves and a sharp reduction in calf care products, including against coccidiosis. Before, there were streaks on the walls (proof of coccidiosis), not at all today! The calves have better hair and a lively gait. Now, male calves go on sale faster. The fact that there is no more diarrhoea, this allows good growth and the calves are growing well. I start on the second day and I put 2 doses per day per calf the first week.
GAEC Evre et Loire at La Chapelle-Saint-Florent, Maine-et-Loire
Eau de qualité pour l'élévageveau au biberon
Since 2011 we have been using the organic version of EXTRA IM on our calves and these have a much better tone. We no longer have any health problems since the introduction of the product, in particular coccidiosis. Previously, the weaning phase was a delicate stage, which is no longer the case today. Our heifers are also growing better.
CERADV de La Villeneuve Saint Odile at Plénée Jugon, Côtes-d'Armor
bon démarrage des génisses Prim'Holstein
I have been using EXTRAIM since 2013 on my calves and I am very satisfied because the calves are in great shape. I use the product from the start and until weaning. EXTRAIM can be diluted very well in the feed and also in the DAL and remains very palatable for calves. For me, the cost remains very competitive for the treatment over 60 days.
EARL la Hucherie at Pont Hebert, Manche
bon démarrage des jeunes animaux, veaux en forme
I use Extraim from birth, one pod in the morning. From 10 days the calves are given one meal a day of powdered milk. With Extraim we have much less digestive problems. The calves are in better shape and recover faster. We therefore have less vet costs. You can clearly see that the calves that have no product have dung that is not the same colour.
GAEC de la Bourgeonnière at Saint Denis De Gastines , Mayenne
veau nouvé né
I have been using Extra Im for 2.5 years and I see good growth in the females and the calves are in good shape. There is no problem with drinking, the calves have a nice coat and this allows calving at 24 months, which is my objective. I save time feeding because the calves manage on their own. The fact that they are in good shape makes it possible to reduce the antibiotics. The heifers are in good shape and very dynamic.
EARL le point du jour, Loire-Atlantique
Jeune veau
Since October 2013, I have been using Extra Im after colostrum around the 4th day at 1 very full scoop for 1.5 months, until he eats their fiber well. I have an old building that is cold and badly oriented, with significant temperature variations and my calves often have lung problems. Since I have been using Extraim, the calves have come back up the slope faster than when I treat them with antibiotics. When necessary, I treat with the support of an antibiotic and thanks to the use of Extra Im the calves respond more quickly. I noticed that my calves have a better transit, better hair, are in better shape, especially the males for sale at 15 days better looking, drink well, good digestion, it doesn't drag.
SCEA Loisy at Saint-Christophe-du-Ligneron, Vendée
In 2013, I gave EXTRA IM to goats and kids for a month before farrowing and to kids from day one (with colostrum) and throughout the milk phase. The results are very positive: there are fewer deaths (10 kids in 2013 compared to 17 in 2012) and a greater quantity of milk (800 kg instead of 700 kg) despite more first lactations (20 more than last year ). But above all, the births are much easier and are done on their own, the more the animals are vigorous (the noses are less snotty and drier) and we have beautiful kids. The start of the kids is essential for the future. In addition, there were fewer kid deaths and therefore more sales within 2-3 days. Finally, the mixture with the milk powder is easily done in the wolf (in 2 minutes). It is clear that I will continue to use EXTRA IM.
François Cousseau, Maine-et-Loire
Plant extracts for animal health

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